Changing The Culture One Conversation At a Time

Changing The Culture One Conversation At a Time

As you know, we live in the world where us, African Americans are considered the minority. Racism is the biggest war we’ve been fighting since we touched the shores of this”free country”. Slowly but surely we’ve held our own as a race but right now our race is more divisive then ever. If we don’t come together, then it may not only mean the end of African Americans but the end of our race in general. In America alone, marriages are declining, divorce rates are rising, and reproduction rates are sinking. But because of society and the Prussian model designed school systems that we blindly believe in, we’re not allowed to learn these things let alone have discussions on them.  

HBCU's are systems that create a home for African American individuals amongst each other, and help us truly embrace and evolve through time spent on campus. However, it is also very important that as predominantly African American institution, the truth finally be told to our people on how to fix our community so we can rise above the 1% wealth ownership that the world clamps down on us. 

More Life's proposal to this problem was to collaborate with another brand on Bowie's Campus, Morals over Everything and the EZ Money Radio Show to create a club called the High Level Conversations Club or H.L.C.C. for short. This club would be like a book club in a sense but the twist would be that instead of books we would watch YouTube videos and meet to talk about them. 

These videos would be focused on topics that would not only advance our financial knowledge but also our knowledge on how to grow ourselves as individuals, our true history as a people and the human race, physics, astronomy, eating healthy and more. The videos we would be watching would be from only the top ranked and most notable thought leaders in our community. 19 Keys, the group Earn Your Leisure, and Billy Carson are just a few that we'll name.

More Life whole heartedly believes that collaborating with these fellow brands on campus we can empower more black young adults to become young Gods and Goddesses and embrace their past and who they were truly called to be; Kings and Queens.