How You Can Help

Here's how you can help while you wait for us to fully launch...

Community Builders

Community Builders, with their strengths in creating connections and fostering inclusive spaces, can play a crucial role in our company's efforts to reshape the culture by:

  1. Leading Community Projects: You can initiate and lead projects that align with our cultural change objectives, such as community art installations or social impact campaigns, directly involving the community in our mission. Contact us if this is something you'd be interested in! 

  2. Amplifying Our Stories: By leveraging your networks, you can amplify our message and values through social media or community newsletters, increasing awareness and engagement with our brand's vision for cultural transformation. 


These actions enable Community Builders to use your strengths in a tangible way, contributing significantly to our company's mission of cultural change and most importantly towards the improvement of the black community.


Change Makers

Change Makers, with their passion for advocacy and societal progress, can significantly advance our company's vision for cultural innovation by:

  1. Advocacy and Partnership: They can leverage their drive for social change by advocating for our mission within their networks and beyond, encouraging partnerships with like-minded organizations and influencers. This broadens our impact and fosters collaborations that align with our goals.

  2. Feedback and Innovation: By providing insightful feedback on our initiatives and suggesting innovative solutions to cultural challenges, Change Makers can help refine our strategies and develop groundbreaking projects that resonate with our target audience and the wider community. Feel free to Contact Us with any feedback or ideas you possibly have that can help us help the community.

Through these focused actions, Change Makers can utilize their strengths and commitment to societal progress to propel our company's mission forward, creating lasting cultural change.


Creative Explorers

Creative Explorers, with their deep appreciation for culture and artistry, can greatly contribute to our company's mission of reshaping cultural narratives by:

  1. Content Creation and Curation: Utilizing their artistic talents and cultural insights, they can create or curate content that reflects our brand's vision and values, sharing it across various platforms to inspire and engage a wider audience. This content could range from blog posts and videos to digital art and photography, each piece a testament to the diverse cultures we aim to celebrate and uplift. If your a content influencer or creator, please reach out so we can work together!

  2. Cultural Workshops and Events: By organizing and hosting workshops or events that focus on cultural exploration and appreciation, Creative Explorers can directly engage the community, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of the rich tapestry of global cultures. These events serve as a platform for dialogue, learning, and connection, aligning closely with our company's goal of cultural enrichment and inclusivity.

Through these initiatives, Creative Explorers can significantly amplify our efforts to champion cultural diversity and creativity, making an impactful contribution to our collective mission.


Growth Seekers

Growth Seekers, with their drive for personal and professional development, can significantly propel our company's agenda of fostering an environment ripe for growth and innovation by:

  1. Idea Incubator Sessions: Join our regular "Idea Incubator" sessions where Growth Seekers can pitch new concepts or solutions that align with the company's vision. These sessions provide a creative outlet and a platform for innovation, allowing Growth Seekers to directly influence our strategic direction with fresh insights and ideas
  2. Feedback and Process Improvement: With their keen interest in growth, they are uniquely positioned to provide constructive feedback on our initiatives, services, and products. Their insights can lead to continuous improvement, helping us better meet the needs of our community and stay ahead in creating impactful cultural shifts.

These are just two out of the many things we do in our Culture Changers Discord. To join our community, click here.